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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 17, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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all parties will be returned to families. today is eden's prime minister tries to offer more comfort to members of the muslim community after fifty people were shot dead in two mosque attacks if we can make each other if you see what is going on. elsewhere around the world calls grow louder to stamp out hate crimes. i'm sam is a down this is al jazeera live from also coming up. a side close brings devastation
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to zimbabwe mozambique and allowing thousands of people are dead or missing. rides his fight with police and set fire to business is yellow vests violence flares up again in paris. is evens prime minister has been meeting attempting to comfort people at the heart of the mosque shootings and attacks she's described as terrorism just seen here in black laid flowers with members of the muslim community in the capital wellington it was the worst mass killing in new zealand's peace time history and the country's threat level remains high a short while ago it said the bodies of victims would all be returned to families by wednesday and she promised help for communities affected by the attack. we know that these events have been traumatic for the community but particularly for
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young people today a local ministry of education staff meet with senior staff at headley community college and be its high primary school to provide support and resources a team will be educationally a high school in the morning. the ministry is also gathering information to assess intermediate trauma support needs at schools in israeli leaning seem to is across the city support is already being provided to some schools and this will be expanded tomorrow morning the christchurch office is responding to calls as they come in and a team of two hundred staff is being my belies with specialist staff from other regions on site or on the why. police confirm the number of people killed is risen to fifty another victim was found during the removal of bodies from the crime scenes in christ church detectives say twenty eight year old suspect brenton tyrant acted alone as they no longer believe the three other people arrested were involved
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we straitly a man who's been charged with murder accused of storming the mosque on friday and posting video of his attack on line of the dozens of people injured twelve are still in critical condition christ church is hospital's chief of surgery described the pressure and strain the attacks of put on doctors and other medical staff it's . it's a bit challenging for people. you know we're all part of the community and we're struggling with it as much as everyone else is this is not something that we expected to. see in aaron vironment we do see gunshot wounds we do see all these type of injuries but you know forty to fifty people in a day is more than than what we should see. well across new zealand people are responding to the horror of friday's attacks with interfaith solidarity
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christians have prayed for the muslim victims during sunday services where priests and reverends denounced hatred and racism when he joins us now from christ church way we heard there the message of the prime minister moments ago that bodies will start to be returned to families as of tonight how is that message going down with the community. well i think that news will be very much welcome there has been some concern even some criticism among family members all of the victims of the attacks on friday that this process was moving too slow they wanted their family members back so they could begin the funeral the burial processes as quickly as they possibly could the police said that they're working very closely with leaders in the islamic community here in christchurch they understood the religious implications around this but the police said they are
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moving as quickly as they possibly can to clear those two mosques to complete their forensic investigations and to complete the identification of the victims and one of the reasons that that process has been a little slower than perhaps they would like is the fact that for many of the people who were inside the mosque center who were killed on friday didn't have their wallets or their phones for example on their person at that time they had left them somewhere else before going inside to pray he said that's one of the reasons that this has been perhaps a slower process than the family members would have liked we know that all the bodies have now been removed from the two mosques in christchurch and the bodies are in the christchurch hospital behind me and again just repeating that the prime minister is saying that the first of those bodies will be released on sunday evening back to the family members but she did say that it would only be a few at this stage the rest of that process the rest of the bodies would be
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released she hoped by wednesday she also confirmed news that broke here late on saturday evening about a manifesto that was e-mailed by the main suspect in this attack brenton tyrant to the prime minister as well as several other people this manifesto went into details it was e-mailed to the recipients the prime minister saying around thirty recipients nine minutes before this attack took place this is what she had to say about it. i was one of more than three she recipients of a mina menefee star that was mild nine minutes before the attack took place it did not include a location that did not include specific dates house i'm advised that within two minutes of its receipt and laced my office it was. let's take you
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now to the chief deputy police commissioner who speaking that's this then would be the task of returning all the victims to their loved ones this is our priority and we are doing everything possible to get this done as quickly as possible the past forty years have been totally traumatic for these families and many of them have not slipped to add to the trauma they have been and able to bury their loved ones according to the muslim tradition and we are working very hard to ease the pain of that we have more than fifty disaster victim identification officers working to identify and return the victims to the families they are based here at the operation he called us and also at the mortuary at cross
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church hospital which has been temporarily expanded in the past hour another twenty specifically trained d.d.i. officers have arrived from other parts of the country we are also being assisted by staff from the new zealand defense force in the disaster victim identification process we continue to work closely with all the friends and families who have been affected by this horrific event. this is totally unprecedented in our history modern history we are working closely with our imams both locally and nationally and we have a symbol of them all here in christchurch the support of the muslim leaders in the communities has been exceptional in the past few hours myself and judge marshall chief coroner have met with the leaders from the muslim community to
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discuss the perseus from here on in in terms of how we manage the release of their loved ones many of the families know that although they have not been formally identified they are missing you for you not to see. us all focus is to get their loved ones back and to follow the cultural traditions such as the washington shrouding of their loved ones and we have made promises available to carry out these sensitive cultural issues we're working closely with crossers hospital and funeral directors within the cross your area the only comfort that we can provide to these grieving families is to return the family members to them is expediently as we came and we are working very hard to make this
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happen i'm now going to hand over to judge marshall chief coroner who can speak further to you about the coronal process thank you. just like to start by offering my condolences to those who are suffering from the loss of their loved ones we are very aware in the cranial santas of the cultural issues surrounding this and we are doing everything that we can. to manage the process in a culturally appropriate way. the place friends fallen just and the carnahan's are working as quickly as possible to allow the families to have the left ones back. we have five current is available in price church for this purpose
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and we also have numerous support staff available i just want to touch on the disaster victim identification process so you can understand what is happening behind the scenes this is a price a switch follows international base guidelines it is to make sure that we assure all the identity of a deceased person they could be nothing witness then giving the wrong body to the wrong family and we fell into from overseas examples that when you try and speed up the prices will miss out steps that is exactly what happens and it's not going to happen here so we have a prices which is followed internationally all of the deceased have had a c.t. scan. the fingerprints taken the property they were wearing or
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had with them is removed and photographed friends that i don't tolerate just are available to compare dental records with the deceased and then we conduct a post-mortem examination so what we're looking for is what we call n.t. see them and post mortem sorry ante mortem and post more from information ante mortem is information we may get for the families so they lived loved one why this much was is a stroll when they left home they were wearing this they favorite watches like this they have a sky they have had their pain pics from moved so we get it from right injured people including the doctors dentists. then when they go through the disaster victim identification process that's the post-mortem information so pathologist may be able to say this person has been the pain that's missing this is the watch they
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were wearing the supplies they were wearing this is how tall they are this is how much they weigh the role of the current and the place is the in together all the information to cuba and the karna must be satisfied that the identity has been established. once that her crew is the coroner will formally release the body and way will advise the military that we are satisfied about identity and we will i think and we will advise the family and at that stage the body can be released to the family so this is a process we have to go through and we will be going through it with every single body thank you. but. you know. we start to trust motions this morning and we understand that later on tonight we
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may be releasing the boost already so the identification is part of the post moving crises. are. still. there. within a week. we have undertaken a very fair approach if we have identified the names of the forty one injured which were released on friday evening we went through a very thorough process of rican thawing the names of those missing against the names on our database the forty nine people plus the the the the the later one that since passed have also been identified alongside of families but for which we have
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to consume is a part of that missing persons versus so we have used the families to work with us . and the. very close. the chief coroner has mentioned that the fish person may be released this evening and hopefully without sitting a time frame to lift the expectations of the families who are grieving we have not sichuan but it will i can say is we are working extremely hard to make that happen quickly. is on is due to the two children involved. and there are. none. are used in that way so great. that.
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he's. in that will help to expedite the whole percy's. twenty it can come from overseas in iraq. the forbidden museum will tell. you that's all it. is and those of the four add it to the forty eight is a part of the fifty you look. at this point i can't give you any information about those four except they have been missing and those names have been we can solve alongside of then. i think. we would comment on. who's in
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hospital here the home our people family friends for the. very. point. line decision for us and what isn't so according to muslim traditions they normally bury their loved ones within twenty four. we have a link to discussions of death approach if we can meet with the muslim leaders we have had the chief coroner on the proces to. d.b.i. teams a family liaison person there's no in they now understand that given that this is an unprecedented division in this country. and very supportive in terms of the length of time it takes to do this this is a criminal investigation unlike anything that we've had before and we don't want to compromise that investigation so we we're taking our time to ensure that we get it
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right i don't miss your sense of the police's usual. things through. hell and. you. just roll with. it. i don't didn't want to give them to the top secret still being looked at as part of water and discussion the. thinking. this is an unprecedented event in the history of this country that was the words there of the deputy police commissioner wally hamaha explaining the process and the investigation. saying that their focus is to get the loved ones back to rove relatives and families as soon as possible as expediently as we can he said and
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trying to follow the traditions of those families in terms of funeral and burial rites he said given that the unprecedented nature of such an attack the relatives are now understanding and very supportive and he outlined that this is of course still a criminal investigation that needs a certain process to be followed we also heard from the every marshal the chief coroner there outlining their awareness and sensitivity to the cultural implications of how to manage this process and she said there's nothing worse than getting the wrong body back to families and that's what happens when you try and speed up a process such as this she outlined the sort of process that they are going through from taking fingerprints photographing property going through dental records and so on that said they will try and get things wrapped up a soon as possible and understand that relatives and families want the victims of the bodies to be returned the soonest possible in the most interest and usually that means burial within twenty four hours when the accused gunman appeared in the
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new zealand court he didn't say a word but he still sent a message and schapelle explains how. much of the world started talking about white supremacy on twitter after the attacks in christ church it was already a big topic in the united states but now as you can see there is a global conversation that's taking place the man accused of carrying out the shootings posted his racist views and announce what he was going to do on the web so many people are talking about the digital aspects of this story and how far right trolls can share their views both online and off is twenty eight year old brenton tarrant didn't answer a verbal plea or seek bail but he did send a clear message in the courtroom you won't be able to see it in this footage that we're using in our hourly bulletins but there were photographers in the courtroom who caught something that he did with his hands a white power hand sign that's often used to troll or just upset liberals yes i
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know it's a sign that we all use it the ok sign but it's taken on another meaning on these forums there's a huge trolling culture on sites like four chan and eight chan where people think it's funny to make racist jokes and just watch others react to them we've seen a number of white nationalists use this sign in public time after time now the u.s. based hate group monitoring organization the southern poverty law center says there are white nationalists neo nazis and klansmen who have increasingly begun using the use of the symbol both to signal their presence to the like minded as well as to identify potentially sympathetic recruits among young trolling artists flashing it to them the configuration means for white power the s.p.l. see says this kind of wink and interaction with the racist right is a direct route to its normalization it serves as a white supremacist symbol according to the writer amanda marcotte one designed to be just ordinary enough looking that when liberals express outrage white
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supremacists can then play the victim of liberal hysteria but politicians like the congresswoman alexandria cortez here are calling for a greater understanding of just how online radicalization works because it is impacting our entire society but as she points out here the trump administration has defunded federal programs designed to fight the spread of white supremacist hate groups. new zealanders show solidarity so do to people around the world. gathering to say no to racism and show solidarity with muslims everywhere. this march in london brought together disparate groups all expressing outrage at a gunman's attack on two mosques in new zealand which everybody feel safe. many speakers drew a direct link between the statements of some politicians in europe and elsewhere
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and such attacks in the last few weeks there's been. you know. i don't think. it was a problem. so that's the kind of thing i think people. some protesters say the current climate the rise of the far right in the one nine hundred thirty s. . fascism was a long time ago still. it is back. in istanbul a crowd also gathered for a funeral cries for the new zealand victims. and in northern india students have taken part in a candlelight vigil nine men of indian origin were reported to be missing after the christchurch attack. around the world there have been calls for governments to take
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the issue of islamophobia more seriously as well as other forms of hatred there are lots of different groups represented on this demonstration but there's a general feeling that hate crimes are on the rise and that more needs to be done to stop attacks like those in new zealand from happening elsewhere. london. as we mentioned christ church hospital's chief of surgery spoke about the two thousand and eleven earthquake which killed one hundred eighty five people and injured thousands is more of what he had to. i don't think there's any doubt the earthquake did have appearing on it you know. the old adage practice makes perfect works in a lot of things and it's part of our processes we have trauma based casualty event exercises every year the ministry will run. we've had i guess the most significant experience of us in new zealand but very true of the years
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quake experience in two thousand and ten two thousand and eleven so. you know we've been there we've done that. or vicki wilkinson baker is a former t.v. and said reporter who's covered the devastation of past tragedies in the city including of course those earthquakes since two thousand and ten and two thousand and eleven she joins us now live from christchurch good to have you with us you know stranger as i mentioned covering these tragedies how there's this one compared to the others that you've been involved in covering. well the interesting thing about what happened on friday was the sound of the helicopters and the sirens was the sound that took us all straight back to what happened in the biggest quake back in february twenty and live and that was the sort of the fear the uncertainty the feeling of helplessness i wasn't reporting on it myself on the friday but like many other people i was struggling to comprehend
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what had happened and don't forget when we're talking about that figure us quake we've had two other big stories before that we've had another earthquake here in september twenty ten which was terrifying in the middle of the night no one died in that one that was followed by the pike river mine disaster where twenty five million died so most of the reporters by the time we got to the february earthquake in christchurch had done a lot of hard yards and covered a lot of hard stories and they thought those would be the hardest stories and the diff most difficult stories that they would have a cover with that earthquake of course we couldn't prevent it and we couldn't predict it but what we're dealing with here now is completely different you know this message here on friday has really thrown people it's very upsetting and we have to keep remembering that many of the people who came here and those who were affected are people who chose to come to this country end because they wanted to
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live here they thought it would be a safe place to come and make their home so this is really difficult for people to comprehend it's a different sort of design. a different sort of disaster and you know teach journalism i'm wondering what sort of lessons. takeaways your seeing that most repulsed on to people like your students. well on the friday we had a couple of students who wanted to come down and cover this event they were excited as young journalists but once we realized they were still the gunman was still on the loose we told them they had to come back and we were in lockdown on the campus anyway so we decided to do our own updates but the students were very quickly overwhelmed with what they were finding on social media they found the photos of the guns with all his slogan sort known them then they found the manifesto they found it deeply upset seeing the content of that and most shocking of all it wasn't hard for them to find the video that we live stream so at that point they were upset
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a number were in tears so we stopped doing our own stories and we decided to watch what the others were doing but it was extraordinary how much information they were still getting on social media and how wrong it was and how misleading it was so we had a good talk about how important is to verify what's coming in on social media and how important is for the media to play a responsible role during those sort of emergencies so some some good lessons there for students are there any lessons for coverage of the issue of radicalization in terms of white supremacists is this a bit of a new shock for the country to deal with. well here in christchurch we have had some white supremacy but quite a long time ago they've kind of dropped off the radar here in recent times. so kind of new and a bit different so something will have to deal with i think people are sort of
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stuck. saddened by the whole thing that something this graphic and this horrible could happen right here in christchurch you know when you go down to where people have been laying down flowers. hugging each other holding hands crying there's lots of messages of support and love there with the cards it's really difficult for people to understand that something this horrible has happened here you know we've got to come to the realisation terrorism has come to town our city and that's a deeply shocking thing to think about. lots of people were asking me how how we were how i was feeling yesterday and i'm assuming mr just i took photos of the flowers and we sent messages out saying gray skies and heavy hearts but this is what love and compassion looks like and these were the lovely colored flowers that people had laid so we've got to take strength from that and we've got to believe we can beat this you know this is a great place to live and we've got to overcome the civil rights and so much for
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your thoughts and the vic you will consent to thank you. now in other news more than thirty people have died in eastern zimbabwe as tropical cyclone lee die pushes west from mozambique to malawi at least forty more believed to be missing after homes bridges and roads were swept away and storms already killed about one hundred other people across well our in mozambique tens of thousands of people being forced from their homes there are many going to feel but people leave i saw a woman being hit by debris it's not safe for people walking here the situation is very chaotic was unnerving to see a movie they said was the majority of houses ninety five percent that collapsed was precarious lee built a poor materials. reporter malcolm webb is nearby in mozambique since the cyclamen hit mozambique's coast where we are trying to wrench rains and strong winds rivers of swollen power lines have blown
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down cyclons a common in the indian ocean at this time of year but few of them hit land and this one has been particularly destructive because it came ashore at mozambique fourth largest city and we're still three hundred kilometers from there we're trying to reach there and it's not easy you can see the kind of damage that the cyclons done even here a whole bridge completely washed away because of this wall and river because the enormous amount of rainfall just within the last day or two some aid trucks trying to pass here to try and reach people in bay where they've had to turn around and take another route that in the city of beirut all communications are off. let's take you now it's one press conference being given by the police commissioner mike bush let's listen in to what he's saying for. the role of were to. the victims of the surrenders to the loved ones who commutes to safety
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and hopefully it will be completed. in stride. if we have medical forensic staff we have hardly tried police know all working. to enable the chief coroner to have those processes commence and in complete and as soon as possible out of respect for those loved ones for the family. and exploited one of my again is that tomorrow being monday people in christchurch and across new zealand will want to return to their lives it's the role of the new zealand police to ensure people us safe to do so. so what will you see tomorrow. you will see a highly visible police presence on the streets or and you'll businesses are read your own schools. and even in the area right across the country so you will
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feel saif. to go about what you want to do tomorrow and. the last thing i want to clarify is there is some commentary in the public to mine about police response dogs to this incident this tragedy of an incident on friday afternoon. i can tell you that within six minutes of police being called. on triple one within six months. only stuff were all the same within ten minutes it was a bear i don't defend a squad we're all insane and within thirty six minutes. we had that by ball of fear and then eh castor thank you and i will take any cost.


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